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WelcOMe to my world ...

       and my official website!

Human nature is a moving one, either moving outwards to express ourselves while practising to overcome the illusion of our separated existence from the rest of the world, or moving inwards, towards our innermost source finding our truth in unity with everything, we are part of a constant never-stopping universal flow. This planet and sacred Earth we walk upon, mother nature, is moving as well, through change, breathing like we do and we are moving in it not separate from it, but as a part of it with respect and love. This point of view, mindset, way of life, philosophy and concept, are foundational elements and intension behind everything I do.

I am a certified Yoga Teacher in the Sivananda tradition (RYT-500hours), Vocal Coach and Singer – Performer. I studied classical singing and musical in Greece and spent lot's of hours on the dance floor putting my body in a strict form and learning how to break forms and set a release through Classical and Contemporary dance... 

A severe injury on my lower back at the age of 16 brought yoga into my life and a new vision on how I started observing and connecting with my body on a different level. I followed classical singing and music studies in Greece, and in 2011 I took the leap of faith to leave my motherland Greece to follow my intuition pointing North towards Netherlands and study to be a Yoga Teacher. 

Till 2016 and after completing my 2 year study, I had been teaching Yoga in Netherlands, working in various Yoga Schools, while being active with music, coaching Choirs, giving singing lessons and workshops and performed in musical projects like Ayreon's Epic Rock Choir and ''The Theater Equation'' that made some of my craziest dreams come true :-)

In 2017 I decided to follow my intuition as my compass once again, and dedicated a year of my life in the Karma Yoga path crossing Europe from Netherlands to Greece on my bicycle, fundraising money for ''The Smile of The Child''... leading me ''back home'' to Greece.

For now I have settled in the Greek northern lands in Ioannina where I run my own yoga school that you can visit here: Yoga Fusion , enjoying my outdoor escapes in nature, taking my tent for some camping on the mountains surrounding this beautiful place, literally ''living with the wolves'' arranging and teaching yoga retreats, spending my time rafting down rivers, cycling south to the west cost and the seaside and visiting various places to teach workshops around Greece and abroad!


You are most welcome to check my agenda and attend any of my lessons/workshops, come to Yoga Fusion in Ioannina, invite me at your yoga schooI, or drop me a line if you have any question, or want to set some time aside to practice in peace and isolation and want to stay in one of my retreats for a while...

Peace, Love & Unity



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